It's not just the equipment that makes the production.

We have the experience to make your project professional and unique.

We also have some of the finest High Definition equipment available,

giving us a unique ability to give your project the quality you should demand.


Since 2007, we have been completely High Definition for even higher quality.


Our flagship camera is Panasonic's Varicam P2 camera the AG-HPX 3700,

an industry standard for video production.

We also have 2 Panasonic HPX 500 P2 HD cameras,

1 HPX 300 Next generation P2HD camera

1 HPX 170 P2HD camera

several action cameras.

We offer Teradek Cube video monitoring and streaming

Konova K 5 Slider

22' and 12' Cine booms.

Cinekinetic Track Dolly.

and Apple® Final Cut Pro X native HD editing.

BlackMagic Design's DaVinci Resolve Color correction.

DVCProHD logo P2HD Logo Learn more about our AJ-HPX 3700 from Panasonic


We also maintain a wide range of legacy equipment, such as Betacam, 3/4 U-Matic and S-VHS,

so that we can still retreve your older videos and convert them into modern formats.


We are very proud of our live event recording and projection service.

Over the years, we have recorded live events in almost every concievable kind of location and subject.

You can benefit from our experience with your event.

Get a quote for your event.


Though you may wish your final production released in standard definition,

producing in High Definition gives you superior results that you can REALLY see.

Over the years we have produced many high quality commercials, presentations, documentaries and live shows.

For some examples, visit our samples page.


In 2011, we produced a feature length documentary production about the opening events of the American Civil War,

"The Guns of April"

Guns of April Poster

For detailed information visit

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Ultimately , we can produce material that you may use for broadcast tv, web, DVD or BluRay presentations and personal use.

We can do any project from script to finished media, including DVD authoring and duplication. For any questions feel free to ask.

We can produce the quality video that you desire.



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