We are offering personalized editing service to everyone.

We can edit your video or still pictures into a professionally edited presentation.

Using the latest software and hardwre, we will edit your project into something that you will be proud to have and will impress all your friends.


We can edit projects for any knd event, such as:

Athletic Resume Videos

Vacation Video $500.00

Vacation Video Deluxe * $1000.00

Wedding Videos

Day in the Life Video $100.00

Product Presentation Deluxe $1000.00

Local Events $100.00

Memorial Videos

Most final projects will be 5 minutes in length.

Prices for projects such as these range from $100 to $1000.00 depending on the amount of video you submit

for editing, length of the project, and amount of graphics and complexity.

*The "M.V. Mozart Danube River Cruise 2002" is a more complex edit and longer,

so would be more expensive than the $100-$500 normal range.

Deluxe editing projects have more extensive graphics and effects

as well as longer running times.


The procedure is simple, just send us your editing request,

please give us as much information about your project as possible,

and we will create an password protected account for you on our secure server to upload your video files.

If you have questions about your project, e-mail us here.

Video files can be quite large and if your internet is not very high speed broadband,

we can also handle physical media as well. We can handle tape media as well,

but that will require additional handling and expense.

We suggest you do not send us original media but a copy.


Once we receive your media files, we will contact you within one business day to confirm receipt of your files.

We will also confirm all details of your project, to insure that it is exactly what you want,

at a price that is within your budget.

Once your project is completed, you will receive an invoice from us using PayPal for your security,

and we will upload your finished product to the same secure server you used to upload your files.

If you desire, we will send you a physical DVD or BluRay of your project as well.


We will not accept any copyrighted, obscene, pornographic or violent material for editing.

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