We use the latest hardware and software to guarantee you the highest quality film transfer in the Ohio Valley.

Your films can be transferred to a digital file (suitable for editing) a DVD, USB Flash Drive or BluRay disk.

We use RCA TP55 areial image multiplexer with a RCA TP 66 16mm projector to provide high quality transfers; including magnetic or optical sound.

We also have a converted Bell and Howell 8-Super 8mm Projector to transfer those formats.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer 8-Super 8mm sound services.


Motion Picture Film to Digital Format transfer.

We can transfer your film to a digital file, DVD or BluRay disk.

First 1/2 Hour of film transfer $70.00

Each additional 1/2 hour of film transfer $40.00

Motion Picture Film in feet
Video Running Time
1080 ft.16mm
450 ft. 8mm
450 ft. S-8mm
1/2 hour

NOTE: 9 of the 3" Regular 8mm or Super 8mm 50 ft. reels are equal to one half
hour of running time.

This outstanding package includes:

All the necessary splicing of the film (using commercial hot splices) and
cleaning and lubricating your films.

We will also remove any unusable film (flash frames, over or under-
exposed film) without a recognizable image and repair or remove
sprocket damaged film.
However, curled, shrunken or brittle film may not run through the system and is
subject to breakage. We can only put the films in the order you give
them to us. We cannot guarantee chronological order.

*Price does not include 400' dual 8mm or 16mm mounting reels needed
to mount film for transferring.

**Due to different scan rates of film and N.T.S.C. television, film projected
for TV is at a slightly higher rate than normal. Also the frame area of
TV and film differ slightly so that there is a slight loss of picture area from
the original film image.

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